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Call for Romani Media Interns at TOL

Transitions Online invites qualified candidates to apply for its 2003-04 Roma Journalist Internship Program. Three early-career or aspiring journalists will be chosen to live in Prague and work at TOL's offices for three months, performing and assisting with a wide range of editorial duties. Interns will also have the opportunity to report and write for TOLs news website and its sister site for cultural coverage, Central Europe Review. Candidates should have some journalism work experience or training in their background and a good grasp of spoken and written English. A stipend and housing assistance is included in the internship.

Interested applicants should send their CV and a letter explaining why they would like to be considered to: Romani Internship Program, Transitions Online, Chlumova 22, Prague 3 –130 00, Czech Republic. Alternatively, you can email the materials to us at mailto:training@TOL.cz – training@TOL.cz. (To be considered for the first internship, which runs October through January, there is a deadline of 5 September. Deadlines for the next two terms of the internship will be announced over the next few months, although prospective candidates are invited to send in applications at any time.)

TOL, a Prague-based media development NGO, is dedicated to strengthening the professionalism, independence, and impact of the media in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union. Through its Correspondent Network for Independent Journalism, TOL recruits and nurtures up-and-coming talent by offering local journalists intensive training, instructive editing, and publishing opportunities. Funding for the Romani media training project has been generously provided by the OSI Network Media Program.

Note: Please share this announcement with anyone or any group you think appropriate.

('Appropriate' of niet, ik geef het graag door. Het lijkt me zelf prachtig)



19 maart 2018

Moeder gaat dood

Literair Nederland - 10 jaar geleden

31 maart 2008

Hans Lodeizen,Koen Hilberdink

Na de biografie over Hans Lodeizen van Gerard Bes uitgegeven in 2001 nu wederom een biografie over deze dichter. Als je de kritieken mag geloven is de biografie van Hilberdink een stuk beter en helderder. Zelf heb ik het boek van Bes niet gelezen dus daar kan ik niet over oordelen.

Hans Lodeizen is vooral bekend als de gevoelige, jonggestorven dichter. In deze biografie komt echter vooral de strijd met zijn vader en het accepteren van zichzelf als homoseksueel zijnde naar voren.

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